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BabyTech is established in order to develop and producing the baby bottle with no air in, the result is that is the healthiest baby bottle.

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Baby Tech is a company based on one man's idea to improve baby born feeding.

The company was initiated by Mr. Elhanan Waserman and his wife Chaya in 2008.

Mr. Waserman found a way for better feeding of infants, and patented its revolutionary technology and product.


Until recently, the company was focused in improving the product and patents, and in examining ways to market it B2C and\ or B2B.

Following successful trials made in hospitals (as "beta sites"), with babies and premature babies, the company has decided to focus on B2B solutions, focusing on feeding neonatals, and mostly premature babies.


The revolutionary technology and product was also recognized as such by the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) of the Ministry of Economy of the Israeli Government, which is the body that oversees all sponsored support of R&D in the Israeli industry.

The company got approval for grants three times, which is considered as an achievement by itself.


Due to its unique idea, the company is getting assistance from experts in other fields, such as industry and manufacturing related issues (baby bottles, molds etc.) on one hand, and top marketers on the other hand.


The company also holds approvals of the American FDA, and of the Standards Institute of Israel.

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  • Avi

    Great invention, thank you.
    Nov 23 2020

  • Avi

    Great invention, thank you.
    Nov 23 2020

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