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"Innovation starts with an attitude that promotes creativity and embraces change. We value innovation in all areas of our company.”

Every business always begins with an idea. If you have an idea of a brand or a promising product to reshape the market, your passion is a good start. But how will you turn your idea into reality?

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Building a great company takes far more than a brilliant idea and vision — planning, discipline, and a lot of money.

Appearing on the screens of global investors, ibulb Online is a modern symbol of financial markets. We are cooperating with international and local members to strengthen the changing economic environments of the region.

You're excited about your idea, product, or application and would like to make it a reality. However, with limited capital, you will not be able to meet expenses, adjust bank balances, deduct and deposit taxes, and then ibulb Online is a platform for you.

Unlike other networks, we're never going to use just computers to get our results. Instead, we believe in building relationships with people like you that make us unique.

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You can make your profile on ibulb Online and present your idea to investors looking for great entrepreneurs like you. Since one-on-one interactions are the backbone of our data collection, you can present your idea online and get suitable investors for that.

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