I was very Poor

at Being Consistent

I would skip a work out session

I would skip maintaining my health

until I started my journey as a content curator in August 2020

and that completely changed my perspective about ' Consistency'

It taught me discipline

it taught me to be regular
it. taught me no matter how bad my day is
And with that Power of Consistency there is so much I could achieve just in a span of 6 months

- I'm now an independent content marketer
- I'm mentoring people on content marketing
- I'm designing a course on Storytelling and Content Marketing
- I'm regularly exercising
- I'm Curating Content almost every 2 days, if not a content piece, I'll do a story'😀,

The key is to Be Consistent is all about getting into the Habit of doing something YOU LOVE!

The Secret and the Key is to - Build one thing and focus on it and then build momentum towards everything in your life 

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