It's usual for developers to take the freelance path. Even if they have a job in some company, they are willing to work for themselves instead of working for their boss.

Web development is the most in-demand sector currently. Demand is only rising, so the opportunity to obtain clients on ibulb is really in your favor! 

Firstly, it can be done from almost anywhere in the world or even from the comfort of your house. You will have the liberty to set and your own timetable, hourly rates, and workflow.

In this article, we're breaking the process into step-by-step guidelines along with helpful tips on how to boost your freelance career on

    Start with your personal network.

If you've never done any freelance work yet, start by communicating with your network. Let them know that you have decided to do freelance work. 

It can be done through email or social media updates. 

If you can't appeal to people who know you, you may need to redesign your strategy before you try to be hired by strangers.

Pro tip: Start doing free work for a local charity or non-profit agency. It will help you improve your portfolio and give you exposure when contacted by potential clients.

    Stay local first

Despite remote freelancers, many companies still choose to work with local sellers. 

Here are a few local marketing points to follow: 

Prepared a list of local companies that do not have a website or have issues with their present website. Get out to business and email your ibulb profile link, or share it by phone. Explain what you're doing and how you can help them grow. 

Most of the time, people are confused, and even great ideas are being wasted. It is important to connect two or three times with people who seem interesting. 

Join nearby networking and meeting events. This is the best way to set up your services to many customers easily.

    Keep yourself updated

Sometimes, projects for web development include knowledge of even more than one programming language. 

It means that you will be able to take more jobs if you learn more languages or use a translator as well as… But it still requires a little knowledge of that specific language. 

Technology is evolving every day.  To be considered by clients, obtain ongoing education in web development, and continue building your experience by staying updated with technologies.

    Communication is the key.

When it comes to freelancing, communication is the key. Frequent communication between client and freelancer would improve their work relationship. This is important when you do a job, or even when the job is done. During the project work, constructive contact at the end of each stage will allow you to receive your client's gratitude. Communication will help you to know much more about understanding what the client really needs. 

    Stay online

If you want to attract more clients to ibulb, try to stay online as much as you can. A buyer prefers sellers who are easily approachable.

Secondly, staying online will help you learn more about how this platform works, how can you get more orders from the buyers as well.