You may have heard them in comics, ads, plays, TV, and several other places – lending their voices to images, instructions, or people on the screen. They really love what they do. They're called voice-over artists.

This article will highlight the opportunities of being a freelance voice-over artist on ibulb how you can have a successful career.

Working as a freelance voice actor is like opening a private business. Like every other business journey, it takes creativity, patience, determination, courage, and a desire for continuous learning.

An average voice actor's job search can take several hours of their work time. This involves sending messages, emails, posting voice over auditions, making demo clips, and keeping a profile on sites like

Steps to be a successful voice-over artist on ibulb

    Creating a voice-over  profile

When you've decided to do voice-over work, you'll need to make a profile on first. Voice over Profile enrollment is an ideal way to get your name across to clients and market your skill globally. Most importantly, it also helps to gain access to our tremendous Board of job full of amazing voice acting opportunities.

    Follow up and be determined.

 When you're hitting the floor on your own, make sure to follow up with the prospects you've submitted your samples or marketing content. Do all you can to keep your name in the highlights. You won't get a response from every person to whom you deliver promotional materials. But that does not discourage you from marketing your services. If someone wants your voice, they're going to get in touch!

    Voice over a job posting

Once you've seen a job description that attracts you, you'll need to double-check a few other essential factors, such as: 

Language, accent, and dialect: be truthful about the languages, accents, and dialects you can deliver fluently. Since many clients can differentiate credible sound from one that isn't as perfect. 

Category: The various types of voice-over projects will vary from TV and radio, cartoon, and eBooks. It also even includes internet video and movie trailers.

Price: Always make sure that if the pay line is up to the amount of work? Look for a price range and relate it to the time period you need to complete the job. Remember that you can quote whatever you want for any voice over jobs.  But never settle for any rate that you feel isn't in line with your value. 

    Always Ask for the next proposal.

After you have completed the job and sent the final files, it's the perfect time to ask your client how you can help him in the future. 

If you feel like another task is not instantly available, ask for a referral to one of his colleagues, respectfully tossing out a request like, "if there is anything else in your firm that might benefit from my services? "

You are now completely provided with the appropriate information to get started with Voices and start delivering your voice online. Sign up for an ibulb account and start sending auditions. Happy recording!